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Exclusive for MAD Academy Students:

Complete your Bachelors Degree in as little as

1 Year and 4 Months.


MAD Academy and Bond University have signed an Articulation Agreement whereby MAD students are granted transfer credits toward a Bachelors degree at Bond University, Australia.


Dozens of students from Santa Barbara have attended Bond University over the past 10 years and this tradition is expected to grow as a result of this new partnership with MAD Academy.


Qualifying Programs at Bond

The transfer credit arrangement applies to the following degrees at Bond University:


  1. Bachelor of Film & Television - credit for 8 classes.
  2. Bachelor of International Relations - credit for 8 classes.
  3. Bachelor of Journalism - credit for up to 5 classes.
  4. Bachelor of Communication    - credit for up to 8 classes.
  5. Bachelor of Communication (Business) - credit for up to 7 classes.
  6. Bachelor of Global Studies (Sustainability) - credit for 4 classes.
  7. Bachelor of Social Science - credit for 8 classes.
  8. Bachelor of Property - credit for up to 4 classes.
  9. Bachelor Business   - credit for 3 classes.
  10. Bachelor of Commerce - credit for 3 classes.
  11. MAD academy students may also apply for any of the other Bachelors degrees offered at Bond (eg. Bachelor of Laws), but transfer credits will be assessed on a case by case basis. You can view the complete list of Bond programs here.


The Australian Education Advantage

Australian education is ranked as one of the worlds best (according the United Nations and The Legatum Prosperity Index). The core difference at the university level is the elimination of general education. Students commence their major on day one. There is no Associates Degree (2 year program) to complete. This allows students to complete a Bachelors degree in most disciplines in just 3 years (at a traditional university with 2 semesters per year). But, at Bond University, we operate three full semesters per year (tri-mester system), which allows for a Bachelors degree to be completed in 2 years. This is a significant time and cost saving.


Fast Track Graduation for MAD
Academy Grads

Each program requires 24 classes to graduate. So with credit given for 8 of those classes (as is the case with several programs listed above), this leaves 16 classes to be completed. Students enroll in 4 classes per semester and therefore 16 classes are completed over 4 semesters. This is a total time of 1 year and 4 months. The time and cost savings are significant and will mean returning home with a Bachelors degree while classmates at home are just half way through their Sophomore year. This has a significant impact on advancement on the career ladder, not to mention saving 2 years or more of tuition and living costs.


About Bond University

Bond University was Australia's first private university and is a not-for-profit institution. You can get the complete overview of Bond here.

Here are the highlights:


  • Bond is Australia's #1 rated university.
  • Study International rates Bond as the Worlds Best Beachside University.
  • Bond is ranked as a Worlds Best Small University (Top 20) by Times Higher Education.
  • Bond is the World's #1 Beachside University (according to Study International).
  • The total student population is 4,000 (including Undergraduates and Graduates).
  • Students can start in January, May or September.
  • Most Masters degrees can be completed in just 1 additional year.
  • Bond's Business and Law Students are world champions.
  • The Bond Business School is AACSB and EQUIS accredited.
  • Bond's Film & TV program is ranked Top 10 in the World.
  • The staff to student ratio at Bond is 1:10 (one of the worlds lowest)
  • USA Financial Aid (FAFSA based Stafford and PLUS loans) can be used at Bond University.


The Exchange Rate Advantage

The exchange rate for the USA dollar to the Australian dollar provides a significant boost in purchasing power for US residents. Every 1 American dollar converts to $1.30 in Australia. So it's like a 25% OFF EVERYTHING sale when you have American dollars.


Cost of Attending Bond

  • Total Tuition Fees for 4 semester (16 month) program: AUD$76,320 (roughly US$57,000).
  • Total Tuition Fees for 5 semester (20 month) program: AUD$95,400 (roughly US$71,500)
  • Total Living Costs for 4 semester program: AUD$40,000 (roughly US$31,000 or US$7,750 per semester).
  • ALL-IN COST for 4 semester program - US$88,000 (approximate).
  • ALL-IN COST for 5 semester program - US
  • Tuition is due at the start of each semester.
  • Go to Fees & Expenses for more details.


Want to Learn More?

Contact our California based USA Admissions Counselors or talk to AJ Henning at MAD. And please explore this web site to learn more about Bond University and Australia.

Quinn fro MAD discusses his experience at Bond.

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